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You are not alone

To the mother who is reading this and missing her baby,


I want to start off by saying how sorry I am that you have suffered this loss. The Bereaved Mother’s Club is not one anyone joins by choice, but its membership roster is larger than most would imagine and continues to grow every day. Losing the opportunity to mother your child on this side of eternity can be crippling at times. It leaves behind a gaping hole that carries the echoes of lost hopes and dreams. Our “whys?” and “what ifs” weigh us down, keeping us from moving forward.


Maybe you are like me and have tried every possible way to keep yourself from feeling the intense weight of your loss, but grief always seems to find a way to make its presence known. Perhaps you also share the feelings of loneliness and isolation that many women who have walked through the pregnancy and/or infant loss experience. If this resonates with your heart, there are some things today I need you to know:


You are not alone.

Pregnancy and infant loss are an unfortunately common occurrence, accounting for nearly a quarter of all pregnancies each year in several developed countries. The goal of August Hope is to remove the stigma and shame associated with these losses. Our Hope Groups foster a warm and healing environment where women can express their needs and receive the prayer and support that they deserve among peers.


You do not have to walk through your grief alone.

This is a lie that is easy to buy into when you are overwhelmed with emotions that accompany loss. However, Jesus is there to walk through this journey with you. You will never truly be alone. Every feeling, fear, doubt, and tear is seen by Him. He shares in your sorrow and will carry you through it if you allow Him to.


Your feelings are normal.

Grief is a personalized journey that is unique to the individual. It doesn’t matter if you lost your baby two days ago or twenty years ago, there is a place for you here at August Hope Ministries. It is perfectly acceptable to still grieve your baby years after your loss. There is no expiration date on the grieving process. Your emotions are normal, and when processed in a healthy manner, they can be a source of growth. Our prayer for you is that after attending our Hope Groups you will find the tools necessary to grieve without losing ground or the progress you’ve made.

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There is hope.

It may not feel like it now, but hope still exists; our mission is to help you find it again. We uniquely understand how easy it is to lose hope after the death of a baby. Pregnancy, at its core, is the essence of hope. When our babies die, it can feel as if they take every hope for the future you envisioned with them. Our Healing Days are designed to help restore this lost hope and reestablish a future free from the weight of your loss.


Joy and grief can coexist.

I know this to be true. I once thought this was just a nicety that people would say to those who are in mourning in an attempt to try and lift their spirits, but I want you to know that it is true. One day you will laugh again. You will eventually find beauty and meaning in life again. Through Jesus Christ you will be able to grieve and still experience joy. Let us help you find it.


You ARE a mother.

You lost the opportunity to mother your child on this side of eternity, but you my dear friend, are still a mother. You were a mother the moment your baby was conceived, and you will continue to be a mother all the days of your life. This is why your grief is so intense: You are a mother without a child to mother. Your soul needs healing from this loss. Our Healing Days will help you to make sense of this grief you are experiencing, and through God’s Word, lead you to healing that only Jesus Christ can provide. Allow the women of August Hope Ministries to walk alongside you and cheer your along as you regain your hope.

With Love,


Start your healing journey. Contact us or your local chapter today.

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