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Miscarriages, ectopic pregnancies, stillbirths, infant loss, and infertility are unfortunately far more common than most people realize. Many women and families suffer in silence or feel forgotten soon after their afflictions occur and the people around them carry on with everyday life.

There typically isn't much support or open discussion about these topics within churches. However, we believe the church is best-suited to provide encouragement and healing for these women and families. Hosting an August Hope chapter enables your congregation to minister to families within your church, as well as others in your community, who have experienced these types of losses. 

An evangelical ministry at heart, we know these tragedies happen to Christians and non-Christians alike. What better way to experience God’s love than to have His bride come alongside you when you need to be loved and supported the most?

While this program is primarily a tool to bring healing and restore hope to believers, it’s also an evangelistic tool to reach the lost who are unsure of their place in eternity or whether they will ever see their baby again.

Having an August Hope chapter in your church empowers you to minister to families within your congregation and community who have experienced these types of losses.

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Why We Are Different

What if you already have grief support groups? Our ministry augments your church's established grief ministry; it does not replace it. Please consider the points below on why traditional grief support groups are not an ideal fit for these families.

  • Grief is unique to the individual, so the approach to healing should also be personalized​

  • Expecting someone who has lost a baby at eight weeks gestation to grieve alongside someone who lost their teen or spouse is not fair to either person; these women often struggle to find common ground and feel as though there is no space for them in the grief groups

  • Most women have not told very many people about their miscarriage or infertility issues

  • Because there is nothing tangible in their loss, these families struggle to validate their grief, internalizing feelings and mourning alone

  • As a result, many women struggle to advocate for their needs

  • Large, generalized support groups make it difficult for them to find their voice

This is not God’s heart towards these women and families. God does not generalize grief and sees the uniqueness of their pain. He wants to address the specific issues that these families face. He meets us where we are at, and so we should not generalize an individual's grief either. These women need to be around peers who have a similar loss to see how Christ has pulled them through and healed them.


How it Works


Starting an August Hope chapter at your church is a simple, budget-friendly, and streamlined process. Most chapters are started by volunteers within the congregation approaching their leadership about the ministry. However, it is also common for pastors and church leaders to identify the need for this ministry and appoint an Ambassador.

We firmly believe an Ambassador must have the covering of her church leadership to run this ministry. Once an Ambassador has been chosen, she will be the primary point of contact going forward, responsible for putting on Healing Days and running the Hope Group sessions​​. 

Training You Can Trust

Our online certification program ensures the newly-appointed ambassador is fully prepared to launch and manage the ministry. Implementing this certification process provides accountability, transparency, and quality standardization for the host church, ambassador, and August Hope Ministries. 

Upon certifying, the ambassador will receive full access to presentation, marketing, and support materials needed to run the ministry effectively. Our online portal provides coaching videos and manuals, presentation slides, social media content, and much more to ensure ambassadors can get started quickly and maintain momentum. With frequent updates, ambassadors and church leadership are always armed with current information and ways to engage with their local community.

Office Work
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